Modem package is a cost effective solution provides remote monitoring to devices with existing enclosures.

Add communications and bring your device online.

The basic hardware package includes:

  • Precomissioned Modem and Sim card securely linked to SCADACore’s server
  • SCADACore Modem box equipped with AC power adapter
  • Cellular Antenna
  • Optional custom connector to interface with remote asset
  • SCADACore can collect data from thousands of devices using hundreds of different protocols.
  • Reports are organized in user customizable dashboards with trending, maps, alert thresholds, and tables.
  • Callout alarms can be triggered on escalating levels with reports sent by email or text message to multiple users.
  • Exports can be periodically scheduled to send by email, ftp, or web service.
  • GPS asset tracking available at no additional cost with all monitoring packages.